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We offer a variety of services when you need us the most. Our prompt, professional service is second to none. Our educated staff is ready anytime there is water, fire, or storm dama


Beginning with a thorough inspection, our certified technicians will determine what specific actions are needed immediately. As always, our goal is to minimize the amount of demolition necessary. Getting water out of your house is top priority followed with the drying process.


A fire in your home can be the most destructive event of all. Cleaning up and restoring damage from a fire also includes cleaning up the damage done by the water the firefighters use to put out the fire. Our certified Fire Restoration Technicians will get your home cleaned up in the most efficient way in order to expedite the necessary repairs.


The presence of mold in your home is the last thing you want to see. Mold can have serious effects to your health. The best way to prevent mold is by keeping your home dry. If there is a water damage in your home, our top priority is to dry all affected areas in order to prevent mold growth. However, if mold is already present, our technicians are fully capable of doing all necessary abatement of the mold. Valley Restoration uses industry approved chemicals in order to clean all affected areas.


If you’ve lived in this area a while, you know how severe the storms can be. Whether it’s wind, hail, fallen trees, or lightning damage, our team is fully capable of making all necessary repairs to the exterior of your home as well as any interior damage that could occur as a result of storm damage as well.